Sex Assurance is fomulated to solve only one problem. The product is sold to temporarily increase the size of blood vessels in the penis. This allows the vessels to carry more blood creating a harder erection.

 Sex Assurance will not grow your penis nor will anyother male enhancement. Your penis will increase in size and length but this is due to full blood vessels flow. This can last for a few hours or 2 to 3 days depending on the product. You penis will return to its normal size.

 Sex Assurance is safe and effective when taken as directed. The only side effect that I am aware of is headache, which is common with male enhancements. There is a slight risk that some users may experience this side effect using Sex Assurance. In most cases this happens because the product is used in combination with to much alcohol. The next reason (and most common)is the product is to strong for the user.

 If you experience headaches using Sex Assurance simply reduce the amount of alcohol OR reduce the amount of the product taken by 1/2. Open the capsule and place half on your tongue follow by water, coffee, etc. to flush it down.

If you want Sex Assurance to get into the system immediately because you don’t have time to wait. Open the capsule dump the content into a cup of coffee and mix well. The product will takes effect within a matter of minutes.

 You may not need Sex Assurance or any male enhancement product. Thats why we copyright the phrase Natural Male Insurance. That’s what Sex Assurance is. Insurance, just in case you do.

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